Our territory

The collection was first meant as an honor to the Swedish nature and its stunning landscapes. Under the design process we got inspired and influenced by the culture, aesthetics and traditions we have grown up with.

The outcome is a collection we have chosen to call “Our Territory”. A line of rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and brooches where symbolism and organic shapes meet the roughness of the Swedish bedrock and together create a unique design.

The materials we’ve chosen to work with in this collection are 925 sterling silver, untreated brass and Swedish stone. Three different types of stones are in focus, each of them unique for its own kind and limited to Sweden; Kolmård marble from the south, Black Jämtland limestone from the north and Hoburg marble from the Swedish island Gotland.

The stone types geographic locations are influenced in our design for the collections three stone rings; Mid, Norse and Islandia Ring, both in the grinding of the stones and the detailed ring shapes. The stones are also found in Pyramid Brooch and Pyramid Pendant where their natural beauty is in focus.

The other part of the collection speaks a clear organic language taken straight from the nature. The classic Four-leaf Clover Brooch truly shows our wax carvers skills, together with Great Meadow Brooch, a flower in 925 sterling silver inspired of a mysterious brooch from the early 1900’s we found in a jewelry collection after a research at Nordic Museum in Stockholm.

Our penchant for symbolism affects the collection this season too. One of the pieces, Unite Bangle, is an updated version of the classic and historical friendship ring with two hands shaking hands. We’ve chosen to symbolize the shaking hands as a warm welcome due to our time’s refugee situation that affects the world right now.

Our Territory speaks the language of Nordic nature and tradition and we hope you will like it as much as we do.

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The OH MAN! project

The Oh Man! Project, is inspired by our very own romantic picture of a man. Who is he? What does he do?

A cliché, absolutely. Yet with great self-distance.

The Oh Man! Project allowed us to load the pieces with as much romance, myth & storytelling as possible. Here the jewelries are more like talismans & symbolism the main element.

Each piece is defined down to the last millimetric detail through lost wax technique. Cast in both silver & brass, our rings, bracelets & pendants will age beautifully.

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